Speech at the Zoo

The last few weeks have covered a “zoo” theme. I found tons of activities to pair with this theme, and it even lined up perfectly with a class trip to the zoo! Here are a few things that I used:


We literally made a paper zoo. This VERY simple activity was really exciting for some of my students. I have several who take pride in making something tangible to take home. This did the trick. This activity was great for language building and vocabulary. We targeted sentence building, articulation, identifying objects, and making different animal sounds.


Disclaimer: This is not a child on my caseload, nor did I complete this craft with this child. This photo was taken from www.havingfunathome.com. Thanks for the great idea!

In any event, I did duplicate this activity with students on my caseload and boy was it cute! I liked doing articulation practice with this one, you could even write target words on the paper strips!


Little people toys are the best. This set is available on Amazon. It is always amazing to see what stories kids come up with. This set makes lots of noises too, great for cause and effect!

We’re getting closer to summer! What do you include in your zoo theme? What activities are getting you to the end of the year?


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