Spring Speech!

It is finally starting to feel like spring in upstate NY! In the preschool world, spring brings an absolutely crazy paperwork time. Meetings, testing, and reports have taken over a huge part of my work day, on top of my regular caseload! I have to admit, lesson planning has taken a back seat. I recently did a a very simple spring activity that was hit with my little ones. Hope this gives you a little inspiration as we make it through these last few months!



I love all of the “There Was an Old Lady…” books. They are easy for targeting a variety of skills and always tell a cute story. There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed A Chick helped us practice prepositions, yes/no questions, vocabulary, and verbs, among other skills. After reading the story, I had my students make a chick of their own using construction paper, googly eyes, and feathers. This activity was easily adaptable for some of nonverbal students by including the iPad and pictures, as you can see above.

Very simple prep, and a fun activity that everyone enjoyed! What are your favorite spring themed lessons?


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