February Fun!

This post is dedicated to the Target dollar spot! Over the last few years, I have accumulated a number of great (and cheap!) items for therapy. These three are my favorites for Valentine’s day this year.

  1. Candy Store game! Have you ever played Granny’s Candies? This is essentially the same thing, but was $3. This game includes four boards, a spinner, and several candy pieces to place on the boards. It is perfect for teaching matching, description, same/different concepts, etc. It also serves as great reinforcement for just about any other speech/language target you can think of.
  2. Mailbox- I don’t know what it is, but there is nothing more exciting to preschoolers than mailing things. I had articulation students mail word cards, language students mail vocabulary pictures, other kids just stuffed it full of whatever would fit!Mommy Speech Therapy has free, printable target words by sound that fit perfectly into this little box. For $1, this has been on of my best buys yet.
  3. Foam hearts- I love foam crafts, and my kids do too! We will be making valentines using these as reinforcement.

There you have it! With the fun we’ve had so far, I think I will start using these games more throughout the year. What are your favorite February activities?


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