Holiday Speeching

This post is long over due, and unfortunately, will be one of my shorter entries! December seemed to fly by and though I did plenty of winter/holiday themes, I didn’t think to document very much! In fact, I took only two pictures of activities during the whole month. That being said, this blog post will leave a little more to the imagination than usual.


This first picture comes from a “winter” theme that I started at the beginning of December. We made penguins! As you can see, this template is from and has the perfect pot belly for sticking on just about anything! I used this craft mostly as a reinforcer for my articulation kids. Pretty simple–just print the template, add cotton, googly eyes, and a nose! The kids loved it.


To celebrate the Christmas season, we “practiced” opening a Christmas stocking. This was so much fun for my students! I put different items in the stocking including wrapping paper, ribbon, foam objects, themed erasers, puppets, etc. Each item was related to Christmas/holidays in some way. I had students reach in, take one/some/many (targeting those quantitative concepts) and then label or describe the object they pulled out. This was a simple activity that involved using items I already had laying around! You could also use articulation cards or targeted vocabulary pictures as stocking stuffers. Some of my students chose to do this more than once during our holiday theme.

So there you have it, short and sweet! These are two of the many things we did over the last month. My resolution for the new year is to keep up my blogging!



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