WordPress just informed me that today is my “one year anniversary” of blogging! To celebrate, I’m sharing some fun Halloween activities that are so low prep you’ll be able to get them ready in time for Monday!

Sensory boxes with Halloween items! I had these foam objects and hid them in my bean box. This was a great vocabulary and sentence building activity. I also used it to target quantitative concepts. With foam objects, the kids had something tangible to take home, but any thematic objects (bat rings, witch fingers, etc.) would be perfect for a sensory bin.

Practice trick or treating! This is as simple as it looks: brown paper taped to make a door and cut paper pictures of different candies. We practiced all the social language involved with trick or treating (saying trick or treat and thank you) and sequenced the events that occur (first we knock on the door, then we wait for the door to open, say trick or treat, and choose candy). Students working on pronouns practiced using “I” to say “I want a Reese’s” or “I am dressed as X.” This was a really motivating (and simple!) activity for my preschoolers.

For a quick “print and go” activity, I found pictures to match “There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed A Bat” from teaching heart. This is another story that is fun to sequence and incorporates some thematic vocabulary.

What are some of your favorite Halloween activities? Happy Halloween!




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