Apple Picking in Speech!

Now that Fall is upon us, I am beginning to ease into Fall themed activities. This week, we learned all about apples and apple picking!

I found lots of “apple” worksheets and activities on both Pinterest and Teachers Pay Teachers, but this week I thought I would highlight something that I made myself. I talked to my students all about apple trees and apple picking. Because we couldn’t visit a real apple orchard, I tried to bring the apple picking experience to them!


I am not very artistic, but this was so easy to make! I used construction paper, Google images for apples, laminated everything, and we were good to go! My kids loved this!! It was perfect for articulation targets (e.g., for every three productions we picked an apple) and you could even write words or attach pictures to the back of the apple for practice after picking. There are lots of ways to use this for language targets as well. Use different colored or sized apples to work in descriptive concepts, practice using sentences while picking, or practice spatial concepts while placing apples under, on, or behind the tree. Perfect for almost everyone on my caseload!

What are your favorite “Apple” activities?


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