Back to School: All About Me!

Welcome back to another school year! The beginning of the year brings many new names, goals, and faces. I like to begin those first few days of speech therapy getting to know (and  better know) the students on my caseload. What better way to create motivating lesson plans than by asking students what they like?!  This post features entirely FREE printable activities that are ready to use in therapy! I would like to extend a big “thank you” to the fabulous authors of the products listed below.

Activity 1: Welcome to Speech Therapy Foldables

original-2711344-1Peachie Speechie created these foldables that encourage both creativity and discussion. I love the space to write speech goals and my schedule, as a reminder for parents. This also facilitates conversation with my students about their speech targets (very often, I realize that they don’t know them!) Oh, and did I mention it is free?



Activity 2: Back to School Speech Therapy Flip Book

This freebie is brought to you by Speech Room News. This little flip book is not just a fun activity, but also facilitates discussion about likes a dislikes. Kids can work on requesting materials, using multi-word utterances, and pronouns to target language goals!original-2760625-1

Activity 3: About Me Craft

what-i-like-to-wear-back-to-school_-little-pinch-of-perfect-21b-copyI can’t wait to use this craft! I plan to incorporate body parts and clothing vocabulary while having students make themselves with these materials. Add yarn for hair, textured fabric/papers, and googly eyes to add a sensory component! Here is the link from A Little Pinch of Perfect. The printable includes several different boy and girl outlines for children to choose from.










I also used the book, “I Like Me” by Nancy Carlson. It’s so fun to hear what preschoolers like about themselves! What activities are you doing to find out about your students?


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