Camping is a summer activity that many of my preschoolers have never been exposed to or learned about. As such, it has served as a fun theme for speech this week!

I introduced this theme by asking students about their experiences with camping. Most students associated camping with fire, s’mores, and sleeping in tents. I read “Pig Pig Goes to Camp” by David McPhail to talk about other camping activities.


To reinforce some new vocabulary, I found a fun “camping” themed Bingo game.


This game is available as a free printable here. This was useful for describing functions, naming vocabulary, and identifying described objects.

Of course, no camping theme would be complete without s’mores! Using these free marshmallow sticks from The Speech Room News, I had students practice artic words (3x for each marshmallow) and build s’mores as a reward. S’mores were made out of cardboard (graham cracker), laminated chocolate bar pictures, and cotton balls (marshmallow). A pretend campfire was perfect for roasting marshmallows!


Lastly, we worked on many different targets while “catching” fireflies in a jar. This craft was a great reinforcement activity. Sadly, I never got a picture of the finished product. To create it, we stamped our fingers and drew faces to make fireflies. Some of my students used multiple colors to create really pretty jars! Here is a copy of the mason jar template I used. It is pictured below!


We enjoyed this theme! What are your favorite camping activities?


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