Scoops of Fun in Preschool!

This week’s theme is Ice Cream! This theme has been so much fun…I have yet to meet a preschooler who doesn’t love ice cream! Fortunately, there are many (free) activities that go with this theme. Here are some that I used this week:

This “popsicle” craft was so easy and fun! Use different colored construction paper, make strips and shapes for decoration, and add a popsicle stick to the back!



Ice cream sound cones: These buildable ice cream cones are perfect for targeting artic sounds. The best part? They are FREE from this Reading mama.


FullSizeRender (1)

What would a theme be without some dot art? This page is also free as part of a pack from totschooling.


ice cream game

This Fisher Price game really was “scoops” of fun! It is intended to be a matching game, but I also used it as reinforcement for most of my speech and language targets.

In addition to these activities, I found tons of cute ice cream crafts on Pinterest. I also found a great matching game and free file folder game. I’d call this one a success! What themes are you targeting this summer?



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