Under the Sea

“Under the Sea” is a fun way to get excited for warmer weather! There are tons of (free) activities available to incorporate speech and language targets. Here are some that I used:


Obviously, I love sensory bins. I found all the necessary materials from Powerful Mothering. I had students search for animals in both my small and large boxes. Therapy targets included describing objects, labeling, using carrier phrases, and articulation. For articulation students, I paired a target word with each object found.

My office has different themed stamp sets. We had fun creating our own “under water” scenes using stamps of different ocean animals. This activity helped us practice spatial concepts and other language targets.


Spurtle Turtle is a cute game available on Amazon.com. The object of this game is to find coins that match. It also encourages turn taking. I was able to use it as reinforcement for most of my students’ goals.


Gift of Curiosity makes tons of themed do-a-dot printables. All you have to do is sign up and most materials are free! These were fun to complete while practicing artic targets or “drill” type language targets.

Happy Summer!



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