Summer Carryover

Recently, I had a family ask for ideas to work on speech and language skills over the summer. That made me think-every family should be receiving SOMETHING for summer practice, especially if their child is not returning for summer services. A quick internet search really saved me a lot of time–many fellow SLPs have already created great resources for summer carryover! Add in a cover letter to explain your packet and you are ready to go!  In case you are also ending late like my school, here are some ideas for what you can include:


  1. has word lists for every sound in every position. I sent many of these home with instructions to play it like a bingo game, practice with stamps or stickers, or just make up silly sentences.
  2. Worksheets: We have tons of books (Say and Glue, Artic Scenes, etc.) that I haven’t touched all year. Why? I have no idea, they are such a great resource! Many have directions to help guide parents.
  3. Schoolhouse Talk has fantastic resources on her TpT page. She has made generic calendars with an articulation idea for each day. Here is the link to her page.


  1. Again, Schoolhouse Talk has calendars to target language. These have a language idea for every day! Here is the link to those calendars.
  2. Speech Room News is another TpT seller with awesome materials. She has created parent handouts for every season, in both English and Spanish! Here is the link to her summer packet.


With the help and resources from these fantastic SLPs, I was able to make my summer packets in no time! What do you like families to practice over the summer? What resources do you use?


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