Spring at the Zoo!

The last few weeks have been a whirlwind of meetings and end of the year paperwork! As a personal challenge (and because I really had no time), I tried to compile a theme without using any worksheets. “Zoo” is a perfect theme that has lots of different toys and activities that fit! Here are some pictures of what I have been using over the past couple of weeks:


As you probably noticed, I am loving sensory boxes lately. This one was easy–I just threw in some small zoo animals and had my students sift around to find them. We practiced naming the animals, using carrier phrases, describing animals, and used the bin for reinforcement in between more structured targets.


Ok, so I guess TECHNICALLY I did use one worksheet. I laminated this “smash mat” found for free on Teachers Pay Teachers! This was fun for groups, as it provided a little fidget activity while students took turns practicing targets. I also plan to use this worksheet with magnetic chips and wands..another favorite among my groups!


Magnets. I am always surprised by the narratives children make up while playing with these magnet boards. I had some some students work for magnet pieces by practicing articulation or other targets. However, they also lend themselves very naturally to language goals.


Who can resist Little People toys?! This set is so much fun and makes lots of animal noises. My students of all abilities loved playing with this.


Using my small zoo animal set, I hid animals around my therapy room for a scavenger hunt! I had this child work on articulation targets while finding each animal. We carried a checklist and attached target words to practice upon finding animals.  I worried the checklist would be difficult, but it was easy and fun! I even was able to keep data on the go in the corner of each picture.


This was a fun puzzle that helped us learn those animal names and match up some of their characteristics! This is available as a free download from Simply Speech here.

Lastly, what would a theme be without a few good books? Here are some of the “Zoo” books we read this week!


Hope this post leaves you zoo inspired!


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