Spring Therapy

Despite the cold weather, spring therapy themes are in full swing! This week, I created a “frog and bug” theme this week with several fun activities. Check out some of my lesson plans below!

I find that music helps even my lowest students engage more in speech and language tasks. The song “5 Green and Speckled Frogs” is a preschool favorite that most of my kids already know. I used this song to introduce the weekly theme. Here is a song and video clip from YouTube. While listening to this song, I made up my own motions for students to imitate. The song is so catchy I found myself humming it throughout most of my sessions!

I found a worksheet/craft to go along with the song from http://www.homemade-preschool.com. This website has worksheet companions for lots of popular preschool jams. Here is a (small) picture of the one I used, and a link to where I found it.


This was fun to color and assemble while singing the song. Of course, plenty of language opportunities as well.

Another fun craft is to make a “green and speckled” frog. I had students use a green dot marker on a blank frog template and roll up a piece of red construction paper to make the tongue. Using a dot marker made it easy to work in drill targets for articulation or language. Here are a couple of examples:


For larger groups, I pulled out a couple of games that fit with the theme. Super Duper has an articulation game called “Hopping Frogs”. I adapted this game so that students could “hop” the toy frogs onto the lilypads. We also played “Pop Goes Froggio,” a really fun toy that makes the frog jump when you step onto an air pump. Both games supported social language goals and turn taking. “Pop Goes Froggio” was a great game to demonstrate cause and effect concepts and was lots of fun for all the kids. Both of these games are available on amazon.com!


Hopefully spring weather will soon follow this spring therapy! What springtime activities are you working on?


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