My school is off on spring break this week, but I am still planning to use a lot of Easter/Spring themed materials when we return next week. Since Easter is this weekend and many of you will probably not be making these plans next week, I have decided to share some fun Easter themed ideas!

  1. Plastic Easter Eggs


These eggs are everywhere this time of year and available for VERY cheap! I found a pack of 18 at the dollar store. These are great for all kinds of speech and language activities. You can fill them with small objects, pictures, instructions, ANYTHING! I found a lot of premade “egg fillers” on Pinterest and Teachers pay Teachers. I plan to hide eggs around my therapy room and give my students a basket to collect them. This activity will provide another opportunity for us to practice spatial concepts as well!

2. Jumping Jack


This is a new game we ordered this year. I am not sure how the rules for this actually go, but typically I adapt games to be used as reinforcers. This one looks like lots of fun and fits the theme perfectly!

3. Feed the Rabbit activity


My students love to “feed” things. Fortunately, these activities work great for articulation tasks! I found this particular printout for free from this site. There are some other “feed the bunny” printables out there as well!

4. Easter books


Here are a few good ones! There are many, many rabbit/Easter/Spring themed books available. Books are always a therapy “go to” for me!

Learning about upcoming holidays (Easter) and current events (Spring) provides a really natural learning experience and helps encourage generalization. I hope many of my students will be able to relate to Easter egg hunts and talking about bunnies! What are your favorite Easter activities?


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