St. Patrick’s Day

Here a few St. Patrick’s Day ideas I am using this week in therapy! Many thanks to the wonderful people who created the handouts shared below 🙂


A St. Patrick’s Day themed sensory bin! This was a wonderful idea I read about from a fellow blogger. I love sensory bins  for targeting a variety of different skills. They are so much fun for kids to play in and very  easy to put together! This bin literally took me less than 5 minutes to assemble. I used it for my kiddos who need work on categorization, matching, and colors!


As you can probably tell, I love simple activities that work as intermittent reinforcement for our therapy targets. Worksheets like this are easy to “grab and go,” can be used as reinforcement for any number of targets while still being fun! These things really make my planning easier and help keep me sane during larger group sessions. This pot of gold was found in a great language pack available on Teachers Pay Teachers here. Best of all, it was free!

Here are some  other free St. Patrick’s Day printables and their links:


Do-a-dots are always fun. These pages helped us stay focused on our theme, while also being flexible enough for almost any therapy target. These and many other awesome do-a-dot pages are available from Gift of Curiosity.


This shamrock page is perfect for articulation practice both in sessions and at home. I usually like to write a quick note about the day’s session on anything I send home to keep parents informed. This worksheet has that built in! It could also be given as homework. This worksheet is also free on Teachers Pay Teachers and available here.

Finally,  I found some free and very noteworthy vocabulary cards on this Teachers Pay Teachers website. These cards were perfect for teaching basic St. Patty’s Day vocabulary.

With annual review season in full swing, planning time is slowly taking a backseat. I hope you can find some of these ideas helpful (and quick and easy!) in your planning! Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


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