Preschool Pets

The theme of last week was pets! This was a theme everyone enjoyed, as it seems all of my students could relate with their own experiences in some way. Many students had stories to share about their own pets or pets belonging to family or friends.  Even some of my students who are still struggling to learn familiar vocabulary terms found success talking about pets. Here are a few of the activities we did for this theme:


This book helped introduce basic pets including a bird, fish, cat, and dog. It also sparked conversation about what kinds of animals can be pets and where pets live. This printable from Sunny Day Family paired well with the book and kept our conversation going.

As  my caseload is entirely preschoolers, the best lesson plans include playing with toys. This critter clinic was SO much fun and was asked for again and again. The kids loved using the keys to unlock each animal from the cage. We then had fun taking care of the animals with the vet equipment. This toy provided a great opportunity for language targets including naming animals, making animal sounds, and talking about animal care. Even receptive targets were thrown in, as the keys need to match the color of the door to unlock the animals!



One of our favorite apps this week was “Toca Pet Doctor,” pictured below.


This was a cute app that featured different “sick” pets in a waiting room. Students were able to take care of the pets just as a veterinarian would and got an inside look at what a vet does. This game helped reinforce that a vet is a doctor for pets, and also helped us target receptive language skills.

“Pets” was a great theme, I can’t wait to do it again!


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