Tiny Transportation

Blogging has taken a backseat the last few weeks as we are coming up on a very busy time of year! In the mean time, we have hit on transportation and Valentine’s Day, with a pets theme coming up next week!

Transportation is a great preschool theme and there are lots of fun toys, games, and activities that go along with it! We have tons of cars, car garages, a musical steering wheel, books, puzzles, maps, magnets etc. etc. that kept us busy all week long!

IMG_0163 (1)

These are a few of the magnet boards we have that were lots of fun for language expansion. We practiced labeling vocabulary, following directions, spatial concepts, imitating sounds, and making up stories about these vehicles. These were fun to earn as reinforcement for articulation targets! A more structured activity completed this week, was dot art.


This is a sample of a traffic light completed by one of my students. We got creative with art supplies instead of using bingo markers for the whole thing! I also found fun dot sheets in the shape of a car and trucks. Dot art pages are available here.

We spent lots of time sorting transportation by air, land, and water. This printable activity was great for that! 223832b93b028b650f15341f20256b61

It is available from a fellow blogger at this link. Happy transporting! Next up, pets!

What are some of your favorite activities to teach transportation?


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