Christmas crafting

One of the many fun things about working with preschoolers is the excitement surrounding the holidays. That said, we have spent the last couple of weeks talking all about Christmas! To reinforce our learning, we of course completed several Christmas crafts. We spent a couple of days talking about traditions including giving presents, putting up decorations, and baking cookies. We had a great time using play doh and cookie cutters to “make” Christmas cookies, as well as dressing and decorating gingerbread people! 

There were lots of speech and language opportunities involved with these activities including following directions, identifying body parts and clothing, and describing our creations. As a fun activity at the end, I let my students “bake” gingerbread men using the “Gingerbread Cookie Maker” iPad app, available for free in the App Store! My students loved being able to combine all of the ingredients, roll out the dough, press the cookie cutters and decorate their treats virtually. It also served as a great game to reinforce what we had learned. 

Later in the week, my students cut, colored, and stuffed Christmas stockings! I found a great free printable on Teachers Pay Teachers available here. This printable came with a set of “st” consonant blend cards and generic Christmas themed vocabulary cards to stuff in the stocking. This made it an easy activity to adapt for almost every student! After stuffing their stockings, my students enjoyed hanging them by our little fireplace. All in all a fun week! 


More crafts to come next week! What Christmas crafting have you done this season? 


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