Pocket Chart Pumpkin Picking

Each week, I choose a theme and try to stick with it. It can sometimes be tough to find activities to fill a whole week, but with Halloween right around the corner, the web has plenty to offer! This past week my students learned about pumpkins and Halloween. We started off the week by reading “Big Pumpkin” by Erica Silverman. I highly recommend this book; it is great for language activities including sequencing, vocabulary, making predictions, answering questions, and more! You can purchase a copy of the book relatively cheaply from Amazon here. You can also find a free, narrated version on YouTube here.

After reading the story, I took my students “pumpkin picking”. I found a great pumpkin printable online and have come across several different free versions in my searches. I placed the pictures in a pocket chart and hung it on the wall to keep things organized. Here is a picture:

Pumpkin Picking

My students enjoyed sitting on the floor and picking pumpkins out of the chart. They matched faces that looked similar, described pumpkin features, and even talked about feelings! With my articulation students, we practiced saying target words or sounds with each pumpkin picked. This was an activity the kids were asking to do again, and better yet, it was very easy to put together! I will be keeping this on hand in my speech room through Halloween!


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